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Virtue Refresh Purifying Shampoo


Detoxifies / Resets / Clarifies

A weekly clarifying shampoo formulated to provide a deep clean and whisk away the impurities that can weigh down hair and make it lifeless. Formulated with our revolutionary damage repairing protein Alpha Keratin 60ku®, this Purifying Shampoo is a rejuvenating “must-have” product that resets and detoxifies your hair, leaving both hair and scalp feeling refreshed and revived.

Alpha Keratin 60ku™ is a whole, human keratin. Born from regenerative medicine, it is identical to the keratin in your hair, skin, and nails so it heals and repairs unlike anything you've experienced before.

Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Colour & Dyes.

Directions for using:

Using a quarter-sized amount of shampoo, add a splash of water and work into a lather between palms. Apply to wet hair, massage into scalp and throughout the length of hair, and rinse well. Follow with conditioner.