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Sheila Stotts

Specializing in hair extensions, Sheila Stotts wanted to create a line of tools that not only the consumer could use to gain those salon like results when styling at home but also for the professional to address the two major problems with the application and removal process of hair extensions, cross contamination and damage in the removal process. By designating black for application and red for removal this helps identify the tools to be used within each process eliminating the possibility of cross contamination. By creating the state-of-the-art removal tool as well as her application and removal systems, tools, and brushes it decreases the service time for hair extensions by 50%. After seeing years of horrendous complications due to improper application and 75% of damage done by improper removal, Sheila felt a personal responsibility to the consumer and professional to create tools that will help both exceed all expectations of proper application, wear, and removal of hair extensions.