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Sam McKnight Light Nourish Conditioner


Tame frizz and flyaways with the help of Hair by Sam McKnight Light Nourish Conditioner, a haircare formula that works to nourish hair and enhance shine so that locks look healthier, with lustre restored to dull-looking hair.

Enriched with chamomilla flower and honeysuckle, this conditioner works to promote hair strength and prevent split ends. Developed by Sam McKnight, a hairstylist who has worked in the fashion industry for over four decades, this lightweight conditioner is ideal for adding moisture as needed.

Hair by Sam McKnight Light Nourish Conditioner can be used daily as part of a regular shampoo routine or as a leave-in conditioner. It also works to keep frizz in check in challenging weather.


  • Works to nourish and moisturise hair
  • Helps to tame frizz and enhance shine
  • Contributes to healthier-looking hair
  • Promotes hair strength and helps to prevent split ends
  • Can be used as a daily or leave-in conditioner


Apply to wet hair, gently comb through and rise. Use daily or as a leave-in conditioner for extra care