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Purifying Routine Travel Pouch


This exotic cotton travel pouch, ideal for him and for her,  displays magnificent Polynesian flowers, a destination that is very dear to Christophe Robin. You will find a selection of purifying treatments: a daily shampoo, a detox scrub and a moisturizing hair cream. Those small formats are incredibly convenient and will prove to be your perfect ally for week-end escapades or in your sports bag.

Achieve a comfortable scalp, healthy, light and shiny hair from roots to tips.

Ideal for combination hair : oily roots and dry ends.


Available in the pouch:

  • Purifying shampoo with jujube bark extract, 2.54 fl.oz – daily cleansing treatment, soothing and rebalancing. Ideal to eliminate dandruff. Anti-dandruff agent from a 100% natural source. Paraben, silicone and SLS free.
  • Cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt3.5 fl.oz – Detox shampoo, soothing and moisturizing for the sensitive or oily scalps. Meant to exfoliate and detox the scalp, once a week. Paraben, silicone and colorants free.

Proven efficiency, results intensified with the routine including shampoo + scrub*.

  • Moisturizing hair cream, 1.7 fl.oz – Daily nourishing cream, avoids split-ends and breakage – leave in treatment. The little extra for light styling! Contains SPF6. Alcohol, colorant, paraben and silicone free.